Keep Your Neck Healthy This Holiday Season

Keep Your Neck Healthy This Holiday Season

Keep Your Neck Healthy This Holiday Season

All of the festivities and events surrounding the holiday season can cause you to use your neck in ways that you are not accustomed to, which can unfortunately lead to strain, pain, stiffness, and soreness. Since no one wants to find themselves suffering with neck pain during the holiday season, use these tips to increase your chances of keeping your neck healthy and pain-free!

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! The holiday season can throw off your daily routine, but do not let it throw off your nutrition. Wellness and staying pain-free depends on good nutrition. No matter the season, commit to sticking to a well balanced diet.

Don’t overdo it! It’s true – we carry a lot of our stress in our neck and back. If you let the holiday season get you feeling runned down and stressed out, you are much more likely to experience neck pain. Instead of letting that happen, simply know your limits, pace yourself, get rest, take care of your health, and don’t overdo it!

Shop wisely… Carrying heavy shopping bags on your shoulder while walking for hours through the mall will most likely cause neck issues. Instead of taking this chance, shop wisely by either hanging your bags over a baby stroller or periodically go back to your vehicle and load your bags securely in an out-of-sight location such as your trunk. Gifts are great but nothing is worth sabotaging your neck health, so be careful out there and shop wisely!

Ask for wellness gifts! Many family members really want to offer you a useful present, but they simply don’t know what type of gift to give you. Instead of staying quiet, mention that you do have challenges with occasional neck pain and would enjoy a massage therapy gift certificate or other wellness items such as a massage device or travel pillow. You will save them time and stress and can put their gift to great use!

We wish everyone a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season! If you find yourself in pain during the many festivities, please do not forget that we are here for you and offer convenient hours. Please never hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation. Stridewell Tips

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