Our patients are wonderful, and we are very grateful to all of those who have taken the time to share their experience with our practice.

James J.

Professional, informative, and helpful staff. I recommend them highly if you’ve had a spine injury.

Austin P.

They helped my girlfriend figure out what was wrong with her spine! Very professional!

Deanne C.

In depth knowledge, detailed, direct answers, great office to go to.


Very quick and professional. The doctor was thorough and very helpful in my visit. Thanks a bunch.

Daria B.

Greeted with smiles and treated by a doctor who knows and cares about what he does. Great experience! Would refer them to anybody!!!

Diamondbacks Dad

Where do you go for back pain? That was always my problem. Having insurance with a high deductible doesn’t help. Fam doctor sends you to one specialist who sends you to another. Last flare up cost me nearly $2,000 and I still had no idea what I was dealing with or what to do. Heck, I didn’t know what NOT to do either. Then on one Saturday morning when I could barely move my wife googled some symptoms and found Stridewell. I thought why not? I walked in to their clinic off of Shea & 101 in Scottsdale. Very nice and clean place, almost like a spa. They saw me right away and spent about an hour looking me over, diagnosing me, answering my one hundred questions. They also told me about what I could do to ease my pain and prevent these flare-ups. The whole price was less than 200 bucks. Plus they gave me treatment options and referrals. Turns out I didn’t need to do anything or go anywhere else, just followed their advice and made some changes. Thank you to Stridewell and to their spine docs who actually make an office visit worth my time. I recommend them to anyone suffering with pain in your neck or back. No more frustration and anger. No more high bills and wasting time. Just go to Stridewell and get the answers you always needed but never got!


I would recommend the team at Stridewell to anyone who has back or neck issues. Their team is professional, the office is clean and modern, and getting an appointment is so quick and easy. Best of all, the doctor was very informative and helpful.


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