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Stridewell is your best first step to finding relief.

Got neck or back pain? Don’t waste time and money waiting for appointments, being bounced around from one practice to another, or being treated by providers who aren’t even trained in spinal care. Your best first step is to get an appointment with Stridewell. Our process is simple, and you can be seen by our spine specialists today!

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Appointment Scheduling


Quick & Easy. Efficient Service

At Stridewell, we are committed to providing an easy, convenient, and hassle-free process for those we serve. As a clinic that does not accept any insurance, we are able to operate more efficiently and provide our service to you for an affordable flat rate. We are always accepting new patients, and a referral is never required. While walk-ins are welcome, appointments are recommended to minimize the amount of time you may need to wait. If you are suffering from pain, don’t delay. We offer convenient clinic hours, and you can likely be seen by our spine specialists TODAY! To schedule, please call 480 550 9355. You may also use our Online Scheduling System.

Arrival & Check-In


Experience the Stridewell difference!

Upon arriving, you will immediately notice that our clinic is unlike most other medical practices. Instead of having a “sterile,” outdated, or tense feel, we opted for a light, bright, airy and modern design that would be most comfortable and welcoming for our patients. Our check-in process is super simple. Here’s what you can expect ...
  You will use our self-serve kiosk to officially check-in to your appointment.
  No worries about pages and pages of complicated patient forms. You’ll just answer a few questions, tap, and you’re all set!
  We invite you to learn about your spine while you wait. The wait should not be long, but we have made interactive displays available for you to enjoy!

Diagnostic Assessment


Consult with our spine specialists

Each patient at Stridewell will be evaluated by a Certified Physicians Assistant (PA-C) who has been expertly trained in all aspects of spinal pain and care. Your spine specialist will spend approximately 30 minutes evaluating your medical history and performing a physical exam prior to rendering a diagnostic assessment. During your appointment, you will be given a clear understanding of the underlying causes for your neck or back pain. You will also be provided with the opportunity to ask questions about our findings. As a clinic committed to excellent patient-provider relationships and high-quality communications, we will make every effort to ensure that you leave our clinic with a clear understanding of what is causing your pain or discomfort.

Treatment Plan


A “Game Plan” For Finding Relief!

You will leave Stridewell with a video explaining your diagnosis and treatment plan. Patients find having this video to be very helpful for both future reference and sharing with friends and family. Since we only advise you and do not offer any treatments at our clinic, our recommendations and guidance are completely neutral and free of bias. Please also be assured that we will provide any necessary referral orders. Depending on the findings of your spine specialist, the following are just a few examples of possible recommendations ...
  Physical therapy
  Seeing a pain management specialist
  Consulting with a spine surgeon

Watch an example Video Diagnosis & Treatment Plan


Schedule Today

Connect with us anytime, from anywhere!

Being evaluated by one of our highly-trained spine specialists is a simple process, and we offer convenient office hours. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment by phone, please call 480 550 9355. While walk-ins are welcome, scheduling an appointment will ensure the shortest wait time. Appointments can also be scheduled quickly and easily right here through our website!

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