Holiday Stress & Your Spine

Holiday Stress & Your Spine

Holiday Stress & Your Spine

Most of us wouldn’t do something intentionally that we know is bad for our health. For example, you likely wouldn’t stay up for 24 hours straight with no sleep, walk in the freezing cold with shorts and a t-shirt, or drink an entire 2-liter soft drink in one sitting. We know that doing any of these would make us feel terrible, be bad for our health, and potentially make us sick. Well, what about stress? Many of us do not consider the health impact of excessive stress. Instead, we pile on loads of stress, especially during the holiday season, without even considering what we are doing to our health. From hosting parties, to preparing large feasts, to shopping and wrapping numerous presents – it is all fun but it can also be downright stressful. While the holidays may be the most joyous times of the year for some, they can also be the most stressful time of the year for many others. If you are prone to spine-related pain or have a chronic spine condition, it is especially important to minimize stress in order to avoid a pain flare-up. To help you do this and stay healthy during the holidays, we are offering the following helpful health tips…

Don’t take on everything alone! If you’re hosting a holiday dinner, don’t hesitate to let each of your guests bring a dish. If you can simply focus on the main dish, such as the meat, and not have to make 10 or more side dishes and desserts, you will be less tired, more joyful, and less stressed out!

Plan ahead… Black Friday shopping deals may seem enticing, but is it really worth it? Large crowds of clamoring shoppers create stress, and great deals can be had throughout the entire shopping season. Instead of trying to fight your way through the crowds just to save a little money at the expense of your well-being, relax at home and then do your shopping progressively during the week days. Again, enjoying more, stressing less, and staying healthy is the most important!

While wrapping, think posture! Wrapping numerous presents is manual labor, so never approach the task in a hurry while bending in odd positions on your bed or on the floor. It will take you time to complete the task, and some preparation is required. Ideally, your gift-wrapping workstation should be set-up on a desk or table. You should sit comfortably in a chair and not be required to haunch your shoulders or bend in order to do your wrapping. By being mindful of your posture while wrapping gifts, you will decrease the risk of straining your neck or back.

Take time for you… The holiday season is about giving, but you can’t give from an empty cup. In order to be your best self, spread joy, and stay healthy, be sure to take some time out for you. Go for leisurely walks, exercise, have a cup of tea with good friends, do yoga, or engage in meditation or deep breathing. The season shouldn’t be all about “go, go, go” and completing a long to-do list. Take some time to kick back and enjoy. You will have greater peace of mind and keep your whole body much healthier!

A great perspective and the right guidance can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your spine healthy. This is why our spine specialists act as trusted consultants and counselors for our patients. We want to give those suffering the tools that they need to get better and stay better – for life! Stridewell Tips

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