New Year’s Resolutions For Better Spine Health

New Year’s Resolutions For Better Spine Health

New Year’s Resolutions For Better Spine Health

The countdown is only a few nights away, have you thought about New Year’s Resolutions? Whether you’ve already jotted a few down or haven’t yet thought of any, we’d like to inspire you to consider your Spine Health when thinking up what you can do and change to create a healthier you. Here are some thoughts to get the ideas rolling…

Be Mindful Of Your Posture! Each of us only has one spine, and keeping it healthy and functional are of vital importance. One of the best habits you can get into to prevent injury and protect your spine is to practice good posture. Whether you are at your desk, piloting an airplane, having coffee, in a business meeting, or just kicking back on the sofa, good posture is of utmost important! The great thing is that we all know what good posture feels like. An aligned spine, sitting straight up, no shoulders hunched, no getting into odd and unnatural feeling positions etc. Good posture is natural and it makes you feel good, so just commit to doing more of it!

Get More Rest & Learn To Disconnect! Computers, tablets, smartphones – some of us are connected from the time we brush our teeth in the morning to while we’re lying in bed at night. The issue is that our bodies crave disconnecting. We need relaxation. We need downtime. We need a few hours in the day when we don’t have to be connected to anything or answer to anyone. We just need “to be” and not “to do.” Otherwise, in a state of constantly being connected 24/7, our bodies accumulate stress that can manifest as inflammation, chronic pain, or just a feeling of being overworked and run down. In this upcoming year, set some “connect/disconnect” rules for yourself to follow. Maybe after 7 pm no more texting or responding to emails could really improve your quality of life and well-being!

Exercise Your Core Muscles! You’ve probably heard of core exercises. The core of your body is comprised of several small muscles, including your abdominal muscles and back muscles. One of the very best ways that you an protect your spine is to strengthen your core muscles, as the spine is very susceptible to wear and tear due to everyday stresses such as lifting those heavy grocery bags out of your car. When your core muscles are strong, your spine doesn’t have to do so much work so the spinal discs get to take a break. The end result is that your spine ages at a much slower pace due to being subject to less everyday wear and tear.

Become A Nutrition Expert! Your bone, joint, and spine health is very much influenced by nutrition. If you suffer from chronic pain, nutrition also plays a key role in either controlling your symptoms or provoking them. This year, do your whole body a favor and consult with a licensed nutritionist on the anti-inflammation diet and how to use nutrition to keep your bones, joints, and spine healthy while preventing spine-related injuries and conditions.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year’s Eve, and may you use these Resolutions to make 2019 your happiest and healthiest year ever! If our Spine Specialists at the Stridewell Clinic can help you with any spine-related issues or concerns at all, please never hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here for you! Stridewell Tips

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