Say Goodbye To Years Of Back Pain

Say Goodbye To Years Of Back Pain

Say Goodbye To Years Of Back Pain

Many people suffer from back pain for years. For some people, the pain is constant “nagging” pain that they have simply learned to live with over the years. For other people, the back pain comes and goes, often flaring up at certain times of the year, during stressful events, or due to activities and even lifestyle choices. If you can identify with either scenario, it is important to know that both are not normal. You should neither have to live with back pain or live with the constant fear of your next back pain flare-up. After all, back pain can affect nearly every minute of your day. If you are suffering, your pain may be related to various conditions. For some, a herniated disk is to blame. Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, Arthritis, Degenerative Disk Disease are other common causes for back pain. Since too many people find themselves learning to live with back pain for years without any relief, the Stridewell Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ was founded to change this all too common scenario. If you’re suffering and are motivated to start 2020 with a plan to resolve your back issues, here are just a few reasons why you should consider coming to see us.

We ONLY Specialize In The Spine

Many patients spend years bouncing between treatments and medical practices without ever getting long-term pain relief – much less a proper and well-explained diagnosis! The reason for this unfortunate situation is that, until Stridewell, there was no type of medical practice or specialty clinic dedicated to diagnosing and producing a treatment plan for neck or back pain. Instead, most patients would select or be referred to a physical therapist, pain management specialist, or spine surgeon, each of whom specialize exclusively in their own area of treatment. At the Stridewell Same-Day Spine Clinic, our patients are seen by Spine Specialists who have years of extensive training in spine health. We treat the spine exclusively, and it is for this reason that we are very effective in understanding and resolving spine-related issues. Further, the patient can be assured in knowing that our recommendations and guidance are custom-crafted in the best interests of the patient, and without any bias for one treatment option over another.

Convenient, Same-Day Appointment Times

When it comes to convenience, other practices simply do not measure up to Stridewell! If you have been putting off medical care due to a busy schedule, you will be pleased to know that we treat patients 7 days per week. We also offer evening hours on weekdays, Saturday hours, and hours on Sunday. Finally, a Clinic that operates at the convenience of the patient, not vice-versa!

Same-Day Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

You will leave Stridewell with a video explaining your diagnosis and treatment plan. Patients find having this video to be very helpful for both future reference and sharing with friends and family. Please also be assured that we will provide any necessary referral orders. Depending on the findings of your Spine Specialist, just a few examples of possible recommendations include physical therapy, seeing a pain management specialist, and consulting with a spine surgeon.

No Insurance Red Tape

Insurance sounds great in theory, but most people become very frustrated with all of the “red tape” involved. At Stridewell, you don’t have to worry about whether or not we can accept your insurance, because we offer all patients care for an affordable, flat-fee. We find that eliminating insurance from the equation just makes better sense, and enables us to offer highly efficient care!

Don’t waste time and money waiting for appointments, being bounced around from one practice to another, or being treated by providers who aren’t even trained in spinal care. Indeed, when you’re faced with neck or back pain, how you deal with the problem is one of the most significant factors which will determine how quickly you find relief and maintain your Spine Health. At Stridewell, the patient is treated by a Spine Specialist. The patient gets answers, and the patient does not have to deal with any insurance red tape. We invite you to experience our Same-Day Spine Clinic for yourself. It may just be one of the very best decisions that you ever make for your health! Stridewell Tips

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