Auto Accidents & Delayed Back Pain

Auto Accidents & Delayed Back Pain

Auto Accidents & Delayed Back Pain

Having an auto accident can be very traumatizing. Regardless of the exact situation or severity of the accident, nearly all collisions leave victims feeling frazzled and “shaken up.” While some auto accident victims will quickly realize that they are injured, other people do not feel any immediate signs of injury for days, or even weeks, later. Whether you never sought out medical intervention following an auto accident or got a full check-up and received a clean bill of health, it is important to stay alert for any of these symptoms that could appear in the days or weeks following the collision…

Dizziness & Headaches
Many people do not know that headaches or dizziness can be delayed for days or even weeks following an auto accident. Since both of these symptoms can be serious and indicate a concussion, blood clot, neck injury, or whiplash, it is important not to ignore dizziness or headaches. In fact, auto accident victims who experience headaches or feelings of dizziness following an accident should seek medical attention right away.

Neck & Shoulder Pain
Regardless of the severity of your symptoms, neck or shoulder pain that presents itself in the days or weeks following an auto collision should not be ignored. These symptoms can point to a herniated disc, spinal injury, or another type of spine-related injury. If you’ve been in an auto accident recently and suddenly begin to experience shoulder pain or neck pain, it is important to be evaluated by a medical professional specializing in spine-related injuries.

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General Back Pain
Back pain following an auto collision can be experienced in the hours following the accident or may be delayed for several days later. While the onset of pain may vary from one person to another, back pain in car accident victims is oftentimes indicative of a herniated disk, sprain, whiplash, soft tissue injury, or another type of spinal injury. Victims of auto collisions should always be on the lookout for general back pain that develops following an accident, and symptoms should never be ignored.

Numbness & Tingling
Following an auto collision, many people will experience a delayed onset of numbness or a tingling sensation that can occur at various locations in the body. Since numbness or tingling typically indicates a pinched nerve or herniated disc, seeking out medical intervention in a timely manner is of utmost importance. If left untreated, the pain can worsen and lead to permanent damage.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms in the hours, days, or weeks following an auto accident, it is important to seek out intervention from a medical professional who is rigorously trained in all aspects of spine-related injuries. Here at the Stridewell Same-Day Spine Clinic, we specialize in accurately diagnosing spine-related pain following an auto accident. Our Spine Specialists also provide customized treatment plans and other support to victims of auto collisions. 

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