Healthy Sleep Strategies

Healthy Sleep Strategies

Healthy Sleep Strategies

Most of us never consider having a “strategy” to ensure a good night’s sleep, but it turns out that this can be very helpful when it comes to recovering from a spine-related injury, surgery, or managing pain. After all, the average person spends roughly 1/3 of their life being asleep. Therefore, getting high-quality, restful, and rejuvenating sleep is very important, but how should you accomplish this? That starts with a little awareness and a few great strategies…

Get A Supportive Mattress & Pillows

Having a quality mattress and pillow that supports your spine is the essential foundation of any healthy sleep strategy. While mattress shopping is not generally the most fun or inexpensive type of shopping, a comfortable and supportive mattress can make a considerable difference in your wellbeing – especially for those recovery from a spine-related injury or those dealing with chronic pain. If you need guidance on selecting the right type of mattress or pillow for your body, spine condition, and the type of pain and issues that you’re experiencing, be sure to speak with one of our Spine Specialists during your consultation at the Stridewell Same-Day Spine Clinic. They will be your trusted advisor in ensuring that you are empowered to make the best decisions to optimize your spine-health!

Practice A Relaxing Bedtime Ritual

Be sure to wind down well in advance of actually going to bed. You can do this by practicing a relaxing bedtime ritual. For some people, a relaxing ritual may involve reading a great book or enjoying a cup of tea. Other people may prefer a warm bath, deep breathing or even meditation. What is the most important is that you find the activity that helps you to relax and unwind, and stick to doing it regularly before going to bed.

Reduce Blue Light Exposure During Evening Hours

Circadian rhythm is your body’s natural “clock.” It affects your body, your brain, and your hormones. Your circadian rhythm helps your body stay awake and tells your body when it is time to sleep. The blue light that is emitted from computers, tablets, and smartphones impacts your body’s natural circadian rhythm, which tricks your brain into thinking that it is still daytime. In order for this to not affect the quality of your sleep, be sure to stop using all screen at least three hours before your bedtime.

Slip Into Bed With Ease

For starters, it is best that those with spine-related issues and injuries have a bed that is not too high. Assuming your bad falls into this category, you can slip into bed safely by first sitting on the edge of the bed. Then, carefully use your arms to gradually lower your body down onto your side while bringing your legs and feet onto the bed. To position yourself onto your back, gently roll onto your back while being very careful to keep your back and hips aligned. It is important to avoid twisting your back.

Safely Get Out Of Bed

To get out of bed without causing undue pressure on your spinal column, slowly roll your body onto your side and slide your legs off the side of your bed. While doing this, it can help to keep your abdominal muscles tightened. With your elbow and hand, push firmly into the mattress and lift your body up into a sitting position.

Maintain A Relaxing Bedroom Environment

Getting quality sleep is essential for those recovering from surgery, an injury or managing spine-related pain. A great way to ensure more restful sleep is to make it a point to maintain a relaxing bedroom environment. Some good ways to accomplish this are by having a comfortable bedroom temperature, minimizing noise, and being sure that there isn’t too much light to keep you awake. If you are dealing with external noise, such as traffic noise, try replacing this noise by using some soothing music, such as ocean waves audio recordings, to provide a more relaxing sound and improved bedroom ambiance.

If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep, this issue could certainly be preventing you from a proper recovery or from overcoming spine-related pain. Our Spine Specialists at the Stridewell Clinic would be happy to discuss all concerns that you have during a consultation at our Same-Day Spine Clinic! Coming to speak with us may just be the very best decision you ever make for your spine health! Stridewell Tips

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