Relaxation & Your Health

Relaxation & Your Health

Relaxation & Your Health

Whether you’re a professional, a stay-at-home parent, or an empty nester, life has a way of getting over scheduled, and taking time to relax generally is low on the priority list. In fact, many people will not make time to take care of themselves and slow down until their body sends them a big signal, sometimes in the form of utter exhaustion, and other times in the form of muscle tension that leads to neck or back pain. Since there is a real connection between physical pain and emotional wellbeing, it is important for everyone to take the time to relax. However, if you suffer from chronic pain or regularly experience neck or back pain flare-ups, it is of utmost importance that you manage stress and incorporate relaxation techniques into your everyday life.

Stress & Your Physical Health

Simply stated, stress hurts. It can even really hurt and the more stress a person experiences, the more the body can react by feeling physical pain. If this sounds a little too far fetched, consider that when you are stressed, your heart rate and blood pressure both rise. In effect, breathing becomes fast and your muscles begin to tighten. When muscles are tense and stiff, the end result is often physical pain. You may have heard that stress is carried in the back, and for many people, this is literally true. When you become aware of your body and how it reacts to stress and anxiety, you can actually feel your body’s responding to stressful times. When you are relaxed and life is going well, you may have also noticed that you simply feel better physically. Undoubtedly, a correlation between our physical and emotional well being does most certainly exist.

Dealing with stress and anxiety is a part of life, but not all of us are great at managing it. To find out if your pain is being triggered or caused by stress, be sure to see one of our Spine Specialists at the Stridewell Clinic. We can offer you a same-day diagnosis and offer referrals to help you get well and stay well, both physically and emotionally! Stridewell Tips

Relaxation Helps

Relaxation is not an indulgence, it’s a necessity! When you relax, your mind is cleared, stress is reduced, stress hormones are reduced in your blood, your muscles relax, and your sense of well being is elevated. Relaxation rejuvenates your body and your mind. It is your best defense to the harmful effects that everyday stress puts on your body.

Relaxation Techniques

Different relaxation techniques will work best for different people. Relaxing music, meditation, deep breathing, stretching, low impact exercises, yoga, gardening, going for a leisurely walk, and having a conversation with a good friend are all ways to relax. It is important to find what works for you and commit to spending some time relaxing each day.

Speak To A Professional

Some people simply find it very difficult to relax. This can be due to personality or simply having an overload of everyday pressures or numerous responsibilities. If you have ever said you do not know how to relax or if you find relaxing regularly to be difficult and believe it is causing you physical or emotional pain and distress, be sure to speak with a medical professional. With the right guidance, you will find that relaxation, better pain management, and an enhanced quality of life is all within your reach!

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