Opioids – Don’t Mask The Pain!

Opioids – Don’t Mask The Pain!

Opioids – Don’t Mask The Pain!

The best way to treat neck pain or back pain is to treat the underlying cause of the pain. While we understand that those suffering can sometimes experience excruciating pain, prescribing opioids often does more harm than good. For starters, overuse of opioids can lead to severe addiction, dependency, and life-altering consequences. Opioids can destroy the life of those who use the drug, and the family members and loved ones of the patient can find their lives torn apart and destroyed as well.

Opioids Only Mask Pain

Patients many times think that taking opioids is the solution for getting out of pain. While this powerful drug does provide short-term pain relief, it is important to remember that opioids only mask pain and should never be used for long-term pain management. In fact, opioids provide no reliable treatment or long-term relief at all. It is also important to note that pain is your body’s way of letting you know that there is a problem that needs your attention. Treating the underlying issue that is causing your pain is the only way to achieve long-term relief and restore your quality of life.

If you are currently taking opioids due to spine-related pain, it could be very helpful for you to schedule a consultation with us here at the Stridewell Clinic. Our Spine Specialists will provide a proper diagnosis and help you understand how to treat the underlying cause of your pain. Stridewell Tips

Opioids Only When Necessary

Opioid addiction has been called a national epidemic in our country, and this is partly because too many patients rely on opioids for pain management instead of getting the necessary treatment or surgery that they need to treat the underlying cause of their pain. While opioids can help patients to tolerate pain or recover from an accident or surgery during the short-term, please never allow yourself or your loved ones to rely on these addictive drugs for pain management or long-term relief.

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