Mind, Body & Pain Relief

Mind, Body & Pain Relief

Mind, Body & Pain Relief

Have you ever noticed that when you are happy and fulfilled, you simply seem to experience less pain? Maybe you’ve never made the connection, but think about it for a minute. Maybe it was after the birth of a grandchild, after reconnecting with loved ones or dear friends, or maybe it was simply after a nice, scenic walk through nature. When someone suffering with chronic pain “feels good” mentally and keeps their spirits high, they generally experience less pain. The mind-body connection is not your imagination, it is real and it is due to some very powerful chemicals in your brain known as Endorphins. You may have heard of Endorphins. Many people refer to them as “feel good chemicals,” and they are exactly that. However, a negative thought process or “feeling down” due to stress, anxiety, sadness, or disappointment literally prevents your brain from producing your body’s natural pain-relieving Endorphins. The good news is that you have a great deal of control over how efficiently your body produces Endorphins. In fact, you can use your brainpower and free will to change your thought process, social activities, and behavior patterns to encourage the production of these very powerful, pain-relieving, “feel good” chemicals in your brain. Here are some great ways to get started:

Make Time For Good Conversations

Have you ever realized that you have more energy and feel upbeat after socializing with others? You can thank endorphins! Having a good conversation over a warm cup of tea, or even picking up the phone and calling someone you care about can give you a significant endorphin boost.

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Join A Book Club

Book clubs are popping up in numerous communities across the country. You can likely find one close to where you live. Being involved in a book club gives you a social outlet to read and discuss meaningful subjects that revolve around everything from literature to everyday life. When you avoid social isolation and connect with others, you will notice that you feel good as your brain produces these power “feel good” Endorphins.

Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation

Deep breathing, deep thinking, meditating – these are all great ways to learn to be more mentally aware. The benefits of mental awareness are numerous, but most of all, a mentally aware individual has greater control of recognizing any negative thought process, and preventing and controlling negativity from becoming their long-term state of mind.

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