Body Weight & Back Pain

Body Weight & Back Pain

Body Weight & Back Pain

Could losing weight help reduce or even eliminate your back pain? For some sufferers, the answer could actually be a very positive “perhaps.” In fact, for individuals with many types of spine-related pain, regular exercise and losing excess weight, when necessary, can immediately ease existing back pain and even prevent future flare-ups!

Excess Weight & Low Back Pain

Patients who are obese or overweight are at a greater risk to experience low back pain, joint pain, and even muscle strain. Further, when it comes to low back pain in particular, overweight patients are much more likely to experience problems than patients who maintain a healthy body weight. The chance of having excess weight lead to low back pain is even more true for those individuals who carry the extra weight around their midsection, as this puts even more stress on the pelvis and lower back. It is also important to note that spinal structures such as the disks can be negatively impacted by excess weight and obesity, as great stress can be put on the disks when trying to support the extra body weight.

It is important to always speak with your primary care physician prior to beginning any new diet or exercise program. If you believe that excess weight could be causing your back pain, be sure to come in and speak with our Spine Specialists here at the Stridewell Clinic. We can speak with you about your concerns, offer advice, and refer you to the best providers and professionals that can assist you in accomplishing your weight loss goals! Stridewell Tips

Weight Loss For Back Pain Management

If you are interested in managing your back pain through losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight, experts agree that eating a balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise is the very best method to both lose the extra pounds and keep them off! It is always important to speak with your primary care physician about your goals and their approval for your new diet and exercise program. Being at a healthy weight will improve your quality of life and is good for your general body health, so your efforts should only be beneficial! If you still experience back pain after losing weight, you can be assured knowing that you are a healthier person and could recover better from any needed back surgery. Patients who are at a healthy weight also generally experience less complications following spine surgery.

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