Worst Foods For Bone Health

Worst Foods For Bone Health

Worst Foods For Bone Health

Most moderately health conscious people can name a few good foods for bone health, such as those with bone-building calcium and bone loving Vitamin D. While this knowledge is great, would you be able to recognize the foods that decrease your bone health by doing scary things like inhibiting your body to absorb calcium and reduce bone mineral density? Since these topics are less often discussed, many people are not as knowledgeable at which foods to strictly limit or avoid all together. This article provides some valuable insight …

High-Sodium Foods

A general rule of thumb is the more salt you eat, the more calcium you lose. This is because salt causes calcium excretion through the kidneys. To protect your bones, it is recommended that you keep your sodium intake at 2,200 milligrams or less per day.

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Sugar Loaded Foods

We all have a sweet tooth at times, but moderation is always key. While there is no link suggesting that sugar will cause direct harm to bones, individuals who over consume sugar may simply may not eat enough healthy, nutrient rich foods. In turn, consuming too many sugary snacks in lieu of a healthy diet can lead to a decline in bone health. Instead of going for cupcakes and donuts to satisfy your sweet tooth, why not try out vitamin and antioxidant rich medjool dates, prunes, raisins, cranberries, bananas, or any of your favorite fruits!


When it comes to consuming coffee, espresso drinks, chocolate, colas, and any other caffeine rich food or drink, it is very important to not go overboard. The reason for moderation is due to the fact that caffeine takes calcium away from the bones. For optimal bone health, you could always replace your daily cup of joy or cup of tea with your favorite decaffeinated option. While decaf coffees and teas still have some caffeine, the much lower levels of caffeine are healthier for your bones.


While an occasional drink should not impact bone health, heavy drinking can contribute to a host of dangerous bone issues, including low bone mass, decreased bone formation, increased chance of fractures, and delayed healing of broken or fractured bones.

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