Healthy Entertaining

Healthy Entertaining

Healthy Entertaining

Now that summer is in full swing, you may find yourself yearning to get out there, have fun, be social, and even entertain! If you suffer from neck or back pain, summer fun is within reach. To stay comfortable and ensure that you can be the life of the party without a back pain flare-up, try taking these simple precautions …

Pre-Party Prep!

You may know that stress can cause flare-ups. To party in style and without any stress-inducing tension, be sure to plan ahead. To not overwhelm yourself or hurt your neck or back while lifting excess weight, split up grocery shopping into several trips. When it comes to making your home or backyard party perfect, easy does it as well. On one day, do the cleaning. Select another day for any decorations or polishing off the details. Breaking down tasks is always key to maximizing enjoyment and minimizing stress!

Preventing pain is so much better than having to treat it. We wish everyone a wonderful summer filled with great times and good health. If you are experiencing a flare-up or ongoing pain, please do not hesitate to come in and see us! Stridewell Tips

Be Social

Whether you’ll be the chef in the kitchen or king of the grill, be sure to make time to socialize with your guests. Socializing and connecting with those you love or care about is great for your health and can even boost pain-fighting endorphins, so a true win-win!

Go Easy On The Alcohol

Most adults do consume some alcohol at parties, social gatherings, and cookouts. For your general health and to minimize the chance of a back pain flare-up, just be sure to consume alcohol in moderation. Alcohol can cause inflammation, which in turn may lead to neck or back pain.

Maintain Good Posture

Even if you’ve had a drink or two, try and remember to maintain good posture while mingling with your guests or putting the polishing touches on the food you have prepared. If you will be lifting heavy objects such as food trays or coolers, always be sure to lift while bending at the knees. Bending at the waist should be avoided as it could cause neck or back pain. Since you’ll be in good company, never hesitate to ask for help!

Eat Healthy

Your summer party can be way healthier than serving up hotdogs, chips, potato salad, and cake. By serving healthy, anti-inflammatory veggies, fish, lean meat, and healthier deserts such as fruit, sorbet or dark chocolate, you can feel great and be energized all night long. Plus, healthier options are just as enjoyable and will minimize the chance of ruining your good time with a flare-up!

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