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When you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having your motorbike accident, you may not be fully prepared for the stress it can cause both physically and emotionally. Car repairs, health insurance processing, inability to work, and discomfort can create disorientation so we help get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

At our whiplash injury clinic in Scottsdale, we know the process of rehabilitation isn’t always predictable and can require years before patients obtain long-term pain relief or a definitive diagnosis. Stridewell has board-certified specialists to help you get back on track.

Stridewell’s whiplash injury clinic in Scottsdale specializes in the treatment of whiplash injuries and other accident-related conditions. Let us handle everything for you, from processing your health insurance to providing physical therapy.

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Pain Relief

Stridewell is run by board-certified specialists, dedicated to treating whiplash injuries. We offer a wide range of treatments, from pain management and rehabilitation, and more. With our comprehensive approach, whiplash injury specialists in Scottsdale can help you find relief.

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If you're looking for a same-day whiplash injury clinic in Scottsdale, Stridewell can provide what you need. To get in touch with our treatment specialists, please call 480-550-9355 to set up an appointment today.


Stridewell’s team of whiplash injury treatment providers has the expertise you could possibly need to heal from a painful accident. We are here to help with every aspect of your care, from your first consultation through your rehabilitation process.

Meet Our Team of Whiplash Injury Clinic Experts in Scottsdale

Physician Assistant

Jaclyn is a certified Physician Assistant from Scottsdale, Arizona, specializing in the general examination and treatment of motor vehicle injuries. She received her Master of Medical Sciences in Physician Assistant Studies from Midwestern University after completing her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology as a Sun Devil at ASU.

Physician Assistant

Mr Koos specialized in general and spinal care as a registered physician assistant with a master’s degree from Arizona State University and A.T. Still University of Health Sciences. He’s also a specialist in rehabilitative therapy and fitness training. Mr Koos also has a unique capacity to connect with his pain sufferers because of his personal experience with neck and back pain.

Interventional Pain Management

Dr Nicholas Scott earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis, Summa Cum Laude. He graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine with honors, including Medical Student of the Year. He serves as an independent medical consultant for the Arizona Medical Board and the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners in Medicine and Surgery. In addition, he has been asked to speak at a number of conferences on complicated regional pain syndrome and opioid risk management.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr Saithna is a respected orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in arthroscopic (keyhole) knee and shoulder surgery. Dr Saithna completed a two-year residency in sports medicine at internationally renowned institutes of excellence (Royal Orthopedic Hospital, U.K. and the Pan Am Clinic, Canada). He is part of the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA), the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, and Orthopedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS), and the editorial board of the Arthroscopy Journal (a leading academic resource for sports medicine surgeons).

Neurosurgeon & Spine Surgeon

Dr Yusupov completed his medical education and training in neurosurgery and spine from the State University of New York. Yusupov focuses on spinal injuries and neuro-trauma, and he is dedicated to providing his patients with cutting-edge care and a unique patient focus. Yusupov has spent most of his career refining minimally invasive surgical procedures because he genuinely cares about his patient’s well-being.

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We provide supportive therapies and utmost care to our whiplash injury patients in Scottsdle. Our whiplash injury treatment clinics treat all sorts of injuries led by a team of healthcare professionals. Call us now at 480 550 9355 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment by phone.

Whiplash Injury FAQs

A whiplash injury is an injury to the neck that happens when the neck is suddenly and severely bent, or twisted. A whiplash injury can happen in a variety of ways: by someone hitting you from behind while you’re sitting in the car; by someone pushing your head; or when your car crashes into something and the seatbelt pulls you backward. The severity of a whiplash injury can vary from person to person and depends on several factors: how fast the car was going, how old and healthy you were before the accident, how strong your neck muscles are, what position you were seated in, how long it takes for medical attention to arrive after the accident.
Whiplash is a car accident injury that can lead to neck and back pain. There are a few common symptoms of whiplash, they include neck stiffness, headache, dizziness, and nausea. It is important to mention that people who have been in a car accident often experience head and neck pain as well as everything mentioned above. These are all causes of whiplash injuries.
A whiplash injury is often caused by a sudden movement of the head. It happens when the head is propelled forward, backward, or sideways. The injury can happen during an accident, for example when your car flips over during a crash. It can also happen in sports like soccer or hockey. Some people usually think that they are not at risk for this type of injury because they are not involved in any accidents or sports activities. However, if you take care of your neck and keep it straight, you will significantly reduce the chance that you will get a whiplash injury. The key to preventing whiplash injuries is to always keep your neck straight and relaxed without any tension or stiffness. When driving for long periods of time, make sure to stop every hour and stretch out
A whiplash injury is a type of injury that affects many people. It takes place when the neck is suddenly and forcefully rotated back and forth, while the head remains stationary. Whiplash injuries can be caused by car accidents, falls, sports injuries, and other incidents. The pain may be immediate or it may develop gradually over time. Symptoms may include headaches, neck pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, dizziness or lightheadedness, memory problems, or trouble concentrating. The treatment for a whiplash injury includes rest from any activity that worsens symptoms; physical therapy to regain range of motion in the neck; medications to relieve pain and muscle spasms; surgery to treat more severe cases if necessary

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Scottsdale is generally linked with golfing and pleasant weather. Other than that, Scottsdale is filled with arts and good food. It is home to the famous Taliesin West, Old Town Scottsdale, Pinnacle Peak Park and McDowell Sonoran Preserve.
For your convenience, our whiplash injury clinics are located in two main cities: Phoenix and Scottsdale. 8776 E Shea Blvd Suite 107 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 8410 West Thomas Road Unit 138 Phoenix 85037