Three Tips For A Healthy Spine

Three Tips For A Healthy Spine

Three Tips For A Healthy Spine

Anyone who has experienced any neck pain or back pain will tell you that it’s definitely no fun. Spine-related pain can even disrupt your everyday life. Further, it also takes time to diagnose and treat most pain, so prevention of pain rather than treatment is always your best option. In this article, we outline three simple ways you can keep your spine healthy and minimize the chance of experiencing pain.

Get Quality Sleep

When it comes to your whole body health and the health of your spine, you should never underestimate the importance of quality sleep. While you are sleeping, your entire spinal structure finally has the time to relax and undergo the vital process of rejuvenation. To maximize the health benefits of sleep, it is important to get an adequate amount of sleep and to choose a mattress and pillow that properly support your body and preferred sleeping position.

Strengthen Your Core

Your core muscles are your lower back and abdominal muscles. In order to support your spine and take pressure off of your lower back, your core muscles need to be strong and flexible. Since normal everyday activities for most people do not require the use of core muscles, many of us have a weak core. Therefore, core muscles need to be targeted and strengthened through specific exercises during your daily fitness routine. Before engaging in any new exercise, always seek the approval of your primary care physician.

Are you interested in strengthening your core muscles but unsure of which exercises will be most effective? Our Spine Specialists at the Stridewell Same-Day Spine Clinic are here for you. They provide no hassle, highly-customized guidance for living your best life while minimizing and preventing spine-related pain! Stridewell Tips

Wear Supportive Shoes

Your selection of footwear should not only be about the latest styles and trends. Flip flops, shoes without a supportive sole, and high heels should all be avoided. Proper footwear should provide a supportive base that help keep your spine in alignment and prevent undue stress to the spine. When trying on shoes, pay attention to the heel. The area of the shoe that fits the back of your heels should be snug but never too tight. When your shoe fits properly in the heel, this will prevent over pronation or supination, which refers to excessive rolling of the foot to the outside or the inside. For optimal balance and support, you could always consider seeing a Podiatrist who will be able to custom tailor orthotics to fit your exact feet!

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