If You Were In A Car Accident And Got Injured Medical Treatment Is Critical

If You Were In A Car Accident And Got Injured Medical Treatment Is Critical

If You Were In A Car Accident And Got Injured Medical Treatment Is Critical

If you have been involved in a car accident and sustained injuries, you will need the services of a patient advocate to help you recover. If you live in Scottsdale or Phoenix and were in a car accident, injury treatment and the initial diagnosis by a physician such as here at Stridewell is quite important to assess your injuries and help you find relief in a prescribed treatment plan, assisting in pain management after our diagnosis.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment

The first step is having the problem diagnosed efficiently and quickly, as immediate treatment will expedite your recovery.

Depending on the nature of your injuries, you will almost certainly need time off work to recover. While you are undergoing the initial assessment ask for a medical certificate. Your muscles will need time to repair and rest, so you will need sleep and rest to generate healing.

If you have something like a whiplash or neck injury that often occurs in accidents, you may require a neck brace and pain management.

Pain Management

There are many different injuries that occur in a motor vehicle accident, sometimes it is just painful bruising that will disappear after several weeks but still requires rest. The pain management plan may include several different medications and hot and cold compresses. When the pain subsides, physiotherapy is often required to get the affected limbs functioning properly, and you will need to visit the Stridewell Clinic regularly to have physical therapy treatments. 

If any bones were broken in the accident this will have been identified on the x-ray, and the Orthopedic Surgeon will operate on the area to reset the limb. Auto accident injury treatment is a specialty of the clinic, and they will know what to do to best aid your recovery.

Head Injuries

Head injuries can be serious and often require specialized management. If you have a concussion, you will be assessed and usually be admitted to the hospital for observation. Head injuries have been found to have repercussions later in life sometimes causing dementia, so it is important that a head injury is medically managed to reduce brain trauma following a car accident injury to the head.

Have Good Support Systems

If you are very unwell following the accident you will need the support of family and friends to aid your recovery. Your friends may need to help with meal preparation and take you to medical appointments while you are recovering. Many accidents are traumatic, and you may require counseling to help resolve emotional issues following your injury. 

You may also need help to fill in your insurance claims so that your Attorney can get all the bills paid a bit faster. Some people can’t work for three months following an accident and this will mean that you will require adequate compensation.

Seek Help

Even if you feel okay following an auto accident, it is still important to go and be assessed. You may just feel shaken up following the accident, and unfortunately, certain conditions don’t manifest immediately. For example, you may have suffered a spinal injury, and over the next few weeks you will become stiff, and immobile, and gradually pain will set in. This sort of injury is often only revealed through x-ray and needs to be identified immediately so that treatment can be started early in the process. 

Often back injuries require exercises to start straight away to regain full motion and flexibility. Your doctor will create the right exercise plan for you to follow to prevent joint stiffness from setting in. Often soft tissue damage can take months to fully resolve and you may find that you are having ongoing physical therapy and pain management treatment for almost one year.

Try to be Patient

Pain management doesn’t happen overnight, and it can be frustrating being at home recovering while the rest of the world moves on. However, you will recover and be back to normal when you follow the treatment plan set out for you. Take the time off work that you require, and limit activities of daily living to give your body the time to heal. You may have recovery from surgery, or physical therapy exercises to do at home, so do them every day and always attend your follow-up appointments with the Stridewell clinic. 

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