Halloween Candy Alternatives For Spine Health

Halloween Candy Alternatives For Spine Health

Halloween Candy Alternatives For Spine Health

September has quickly come and gone! No matter where you live, you’ve surely noticed the Halloween decorations and candy that is popping up nearly everywhere you visit or shop. While you may be as tempted as a small child to dig right in, that’s generally not a great idea for those who suffer with chronic pain. After all, the ingredients of nearly all types of candy include a high amount of sugar, artificial flavors, and artificial colors. This creates a perfect storm for an inflammatory response, so you could very well find yourself going from enjoying some of your Halloween favorites to having to deal with a chronic pain flare-up. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the season and indulge, just like the next person. Today we’d like to share a few healthy alternatives for you to consider…

Organic Fruit Leather Strips are an excellent alternative! Many organic versions contain no to low fat, no cholesterol, and no added sugars. Best of all, they taste like candy and actually contain a lot of real fruit in them!

Healthy Trail Mix is another top option to consider. However, you can do better than store bought. For a more affordable and healthier type of Trail Mix, try making this awesome treat at home. Simply search the web for recipes – being sure to include the keyword “healthy” and be sure to only trust reliable online sources and publications. Or, here’s another idea: Mix together some air-popped popcorn, almonds, raisins, dried cranberries, and coconut flakes. Delicious. Just be sure to consume in moderation and don’t mix in too many of the raisons and dried cranberries, as these usually have a lot of sugar!

Reese Cup Alternative – seriously, you may like this! If you love Reese Cups (or are just having a craving), consider satisfying your sweet tooth with some dark chocolate and all-natural peanut butter. All-natural peanut butter is a great source of Magnesium and Vitamin E – both of which helps strengthen bones. Plus, dark chocolate is literally packed with powerful antioxidants. So how do you combine the two? That’s easy! Simply spread some peanut butter on a square of dark chocolate and voila – you have a great Reese Cup alternative!

Apples + Raw Honey are yet another great option to consider. Plus, few treats better represent the flavor of fall than this awesome duo! What’s more? Apples are super healthy! They contain flavonoids that prevent cell change, fiber to aid in digestion, and powerful phytonutrients, antioxidants, and are low calorie. Remember, weight management is VERY important for spine health. Additionally, raw honey also has amazing health benefits. Raw means that it hasn’t been heated, and it’s not pasteurized. Some key benefits of raw honey include that it has 27 minerals, 22 amino acids, aids digestion, is an antioxidant, and contains 5,000 live enzymes. In other words, what a perfect, seasonal treat this time of year that will improve your health instead of provoke chronic pain!

If you’ve found this article on our blog after candy has already caused a pain flare-up, please remember that our spine specialists can help you. Please simply contact us for a consultation! Stridewell Tips

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