How Long Does Back Pain Last After a Rear-End Collision?

How Long Does Back Pain Last After a Rear-End Collision?

How Long Does Back Pain Last After a Rear-End Collision?

Injury severity will vary depending on how fast the cars were traveling at the time of a rear-end collision. However, even a minor accident at a slow speed can cause significant damage. If you’ve been injured, you should be aware that you may not have symptoms for hours or days after the incident.


Back discomfort and automobile accidents seem to be inseparable. After an accident, this is a frequent symptom, and you worry about how long it will stay. Common back injuries and how long does back pain lasts after a rear-end collision are discussed below.


Common back injuries 

After a rear-end collision, you may or may not have instant back discomfort. Adrenaline is released naturally when your body senses danger. Adrenaline administration results in an increase in blood flow and enhanced senses.


Adrenaline, on the other hand, has the drawback of masking pain. As a result, you may not experience back pain for several days, if not weeks, following a rear-end incident.


Back strain or sprain

An automobile collision may wreak havoc on the body. Even a slow-motion impact can cause substantial back and spine damage. When you are thrown by accident, your body reacts before you can think. It will tighten muscles to protect and keep itself in place. The trouble is that resisting the impact’s force can strain or tear these muscles. Chronic back discomfort might develop in days to weeks.


Injuries to the muscles and tendons in the back are known as back strains. Tendons and muscles can tear, twist, or pull. An injury to the back’s soft tissues and ligaments is a back sprain.



A person’s head can get whiplash from the jerking motions during a rear-end collision. Tearing or straining of neck ligaments, muscles and tendons are caused by the “whipping” motion. Pain and reduced mobility can result from whiplash.

Whiplash usually goes away within a few weeks of the incident. Doctors may also prescribe rest and ice or heat. A person’s ability to work and lead a normal life can be jeopardized if they suffer long-term pain and other limitations due to a severe whiplash injury.


Herniated Disc

Discs are the gel-like material that fills the space between each vertebra in the neck and back. Each disc acts as a cushion and absorbs the impact as we move. If the disc is damaged in an accident, it may bulge or tear leading to a herniated disc


Back and neck discomfort can be excruciating when a disc bulges or tears. The discs might compress the spinal nerves. Nerve damage can result from the gel-like substance leaking into the tissues and contacting the nerve tissue.


Shifted and fractured spinal vertebrae

The vertebrae in your spine may be fractured or displaced from their natural position due to an automobile crash. Numbness, weakness, and difficulty with movement indicate a misplaced vertebra. These injuries may require specialized care or therapy, and the associated pain can endure for several months to several years.


How does long back pain last? 

Due to the severity of your injuries and the speed with which you obtain treatment, you may experience back pain for months, if not years, following a rear-end collision. Stridewell’s auto accident injury specialists can conduct an analysis of your injuries and recommend a course of action for your rehabilitation.


Whiplash pain can last for days, weeks, or even months. On the other hand, whiplash discomfort can continue for months or even years in severe circumstances. As a result, you must get assistance immediately.


Always get immediate medical attention

After a car accident, if you notice back or neck pain, don’t ignore it or assume it will go away on its own. Schedule an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible to have your health assessed. Tell the doctor that you were in a car accident. It is up to the doctor to conduct a general evaluation of whether or not you need specialized treatment. At Stridewell, we can help you with interventional pain management to help you get comfortable during your recovery. 


Disc ruptures and other significant spinal injuries can cause back pain, as can muscle and ligament strains. Don’t just accept back pain after a car accident. A thorough assessment and therapy are essential to alleviate your pain.


Treatment Options

Doctors employ x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, myelograms, and bone scans to diagnose and assess the degree of back injuries following a car accident. When an injury is diagnosed, therapy differs depending on the severity of the wound. Pain medication, injections for inflammation, physical therapy, and chiropractic care are remedies for many back ailments.


Physical therapy and Chiropractic Care

After a car collision, symptoms of whiplash and other car accident injuries may not become apparent until the next day or two. To get to the root of the problem, you should consult a chiropractor right away. In addition to spinal adjustments, physical therapy is used to strengthen the muscles in your body. Physical therapy aids in the rehabilitation process and supports the work of chiropractors.


Chiropractors employ non-invasive and drug-free methods to treat auto accident injuries. Chiropractic adjustments, for example, aid in the proper alignment and functioning of spinal segments. Spinal rigidity and stiffness are frequent after a vehicle accident injury. Chiropractic adjustments can aid in restoring the spine to its natural position, increase mobility, and alleviate pain.



After a car accident, you may benefit from medication to ease your back discomfort. Combining these drugs with additional treatments and injections is commonly used to speed up healing and alleviate pain.

For instance, medication for muscle spasms, including Flexeril, baclofen, and tizanidine, are available to help patients regain range of motion and sleep quality following a back injury.



Surgical interventions may be necessary to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or the surrounding nerves in a serious back injury. Removing part of a vertebra or fusing two vertebrae is common in some back procedures.


Get in touch with Stridewell to learn more about how long does back pain last after a rear-end collision

When experiencing back or neck pain, you should seek immediate medical attention and see an attorney, as these symptoms may indicate a more serious medical issue. 


If you have had any recent accidents that led to back or neck pain in the days following the accident, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Stridewell at once so we may conduct a general assessment of your condition. We are a pain management clinic here to answer any questions you might have about how long back pain lasts and what it could mean for your health future. Get in touch today!

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