Anti-Inflammation Thanksgiving Substitutes

Anti-Inflammation Thanksgiving Substitutes

Anti-Inflammation Thanksgiving Substitutes

Thanksgiving foods should be festive, comforting, and nostalgic – reminding us of precious moments and time spent with loved ones during years past. However, for those suffering with neck pain and back pain, traditional recipes can cause pain flare-ups by triggering an inflammatory response in the body. Instead of suffering through the season, we’d like to offer some food substitutes that can help reduce the likelihood of suffering from pain due to inflammation.

Opt For Apple Pie! High fat, high-sugar desserts like pecan pie create the perfect storm for inflammation. Instead of going this route, opt for apple pie. While apple pie can contain a lot of sugar, the filling has a lot less inflammation-causing fat than pecans!
Think Cranberry Sauce, Not Gravy… Thanksgiving turkey can be slightly dry and best enjoyed with a sauce or gravy. The problem is that gravy is made from fatty drippings and then combined with even more fat and largely unhealthy ingredients. Since fat equates to inflammation, it’s best to opt for cranberry sauce as your way of adding moisture and flavor to all of your favorite foods, including the turkey!
Rethink Casseroles… Instead of green been casserole, macaroni and cheese casserole, and sweet potato casserole which adds a lot of unnecessary fat and even sugar to otherwise healthy foods, why not enjoy your favorites as purely and with as few ingredients as possible? Doing so surely can keep you healthier, reduce inflammation, and result in less pain. For example, roasted sweet potatoes or fingerling potatoes, green beans cooked in olive oil with a little salt, and pan seared brussel sprouts are all better options for your health than inflammation-inducing casseroles. Plus, you’ll feel good long after the holiday has come and gone!
Make Healthier Stuffing. A lot of stuffing is made of white bread and lots of butter. This combination of a simple carbohydrate and a lot of fat can most definitely create an inflammatory response that leads to chronic pain. Instead of putting your health at risk, substitute white bread for whole grain bread and use low-sodium chicken brother instead of butter. Want to make it even healthier and flavorful? Add a few of your favorite fruits or vegetables to your stuffing! Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, which naturally fight inflammation.

We want you to have a Happy Thanksgiving without putting your health and well being at risk. By following these great tips during the holidays and by doing more research on incorporating an anti-inflammation diet into your daily routine, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing a pain flare-up due to dietary choices. Stridewell Tips

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