Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries

Did you hurt your neck or back on the job?

The most common and serious workplace injuries involve the spine

“Many workers who suffer from a workplace injury will delay getting treatment in hopes that the problem will simply go away. Normally, the opposite happens and the issue gets worse, as the worker continues to engage in the same everyday activities that caused the injury.” – Stridewell

If you are experiencing neck or back pain as a result of your job, it is important to seek help from our spine specialists immediately. As a spine care clinic, we make receiving quality care a simple and convenient experience for everyone. If you delay getting diagnosed and having a treatment plan prepared for your condition, you are taking the risk of having to take even more time off work. It is almost always a good idea to seek help for workplace injuries, but the following describe just a few of the symptoms which indicate you should see our spine specialists immediately …
  • Pain that doesn’t go away and interferes with your job and life
  • Back or neck muscle spasms
  • Numbness or tingling in your back, neck, arms or legs
  • Pain that shoots up your arm or down your leg
  • Pain that hasn’t gone away from physical therapy or over-the-counter pain killers

Common back or neck problems caused by workplace injuries

Lower back strain

Muscle strains affecting the lower back are often less serious and may go away on their own with proper rest.

Bulging, herniated, and slipped discs

Many workers experience bulging, herniated, and slipped disc problems due to everyday work-related tasks such as heavy lifting, though other physically demanding responsibilities or workplace accidents can cause disc issues as well.

Fractured vertebrae

Slips, falls, and other workplace accidents can sometimes result in serious neck and back problems such as fractured vertebrae.

Pinched nerves

Workplace injuries, stress, or even repetitive office work such as regularly concentrating for hours at a time on a computer or other professional system can cause pinched nerves.

Spinal cord damage

In some industries, the workplace can be a very demanding and even dangerous place. Injuries resulting from severe workplace accidents can often times damage the spinal cord.